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3W Custom 3PCS Boot Liners All Weather for Tesla Model X 6 Seats 2023 2024

3W Custom 3PCS Boot Liners All Weather for Tesla Model X 6 Seats 2023 2024

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Custom designed compitable with Telsa Model X 6seats 2023

Ensures Safety in accordance with the car manufacturer's safety standard

Waterproof & anti-slip high edges provide complete protection

Easy to clean with water or a damp towel

Environmental friendly 100% recyclable non-toxic odor-free

100% Satisfaction guarantee free return shipping

Extended Warranty to 5 years warranty


  • 1x Front Boot Liner
  • 1x Boot Liner
  • 1x Rear Boot Liner
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    Tesla Model X Customized 3-Piece Cushion Set

    Waterproof / Anti-slip / Easy to clean

    The mats are custom-fit for the Model X

    Precision Design

    Tailored for Tesla Model X. fully fitting, meets all car manufacture safety and specification standards.

    Anti-slip Wear-resisting

    The unique pattern design on the surface of the foot pad is non-slip and easy to clean.

    Safety feature

    Compliant with safety and specification standards from car manufacturers.


    We use 100% TPE in our liners, a material commonly found in medical and baby products. TPE offers key advantages: no odor, skin-friendly, exceptional durability, chemical resistance, and resilience in temperatures from -25°C to 75°C and 100% Recyclable.

    Environmental Friendly

    Our products are eco-friendly, fully recyclable, non-toxic, and odor-free. This commitment extends to our manufacturing process, which is designed to be non-toxic and odor-free as well.

    All-Weather Shield

    Weatherproof, stain-resistant, water-resistant and slip-resistant, effectively preventing the intrusion of all weather conditions.

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